Challenge Yourself

This year I’ve decided to work on self discipline. I’ve started with the food I eat, and the media my mind consumes.

Why start with these two things?

I started with food because I love food. I feel like if I can show discipline when it comes to food, I can conquer anything.

I started with media because I use most media from movies to music as a form of escapism. I’ve become dependent on it. Just like with food, I feel that if I can show restraint with media, I can conquer the minor things.

How long will I be challenging myself, and building self-discipline? 75 Days.

Yup you read that right. 75 Days no bread or fast food. 75 days Christian, gospel music, and pg musicals. 75 days Pg or Christian tv and movies.

I believe in me. I started on January 8, 2022.

The challenge ends for me on March 24, 2022

Wish me luck on this journey to better myself.


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