Is Kanye A Genius?

I feel like Kanye’s ultimate goal is to make a mockery of the society that we live in. When you think about it all of his music supports this.

Kanye is an artist that observes, then reports. Very similar to observational comedy. Kanye’s expressive  observations tend to be fueled by exasperation, or the need to mock those stuck in irrational situations. The biggest question most people have is, “ Is Kanye truly a genius?”

Well… he sure acts like it. Most geniuses live life somewhat detached from society. They stand on the outside looking in. Similar to The Flash. When The Flash moves fast, it appears as if everyone around him is frozen. While we’re on our first lap in the race, The Flash is already running his third victory lap. Everyone is just playing catch up. Now let’s look back at Kanye’s first 3 albums. His art is an expression of who he is, and how he reacts to the world around him. He wants you to know he’s watching. He wants you to know that you’re miles behind. He wants you to know you’re mock worthy. It’s funny because he’s right. Kanye proved he was right when people accepted his behavior at his listening parties.

Kanye first three albums consisted of music, and lyrics that he knew his target audience could relate to, while mocking them at the same time with the “Education”, “Economics”, and “Broke Phi Broke” skits. Now he’s proving that he doesn’t even need to do that anymore. He just needs to sit on stage sleeping, making phone calls, doing pushups, and laying on a bed.

Kanye charged people to watch him do mundane things. He mocked them with his arrogance, and in response they smiled and said thank you.

When you feel detached from people in the society around you, you sometimes play with their strings, just to see what sounds they’ll make. Similar to a child pushing boundaries to see how far they can go. When you feel detached from the world around you the view can appear humorous, silly, small, and even stupid. If you’re an artist, and you feel this way, you either protest, or mock it. For example…sleeping on stage. Kanye showed society how goofy they are for sitting there, and watching a grown man they didn’t know sleep on stage, and he made money doing it.

Soo…Is Kanye a genius? …. Eh, I don’t know. You tell me.

-That LoOpy Chick-

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