Pretend With Me !!

Take a trip down my purple brick road. In LoOpy Land a great imagination is worth more than gold.

Let’s build worlds where we thrive, and we’re happy to be alive. Worlds where we can be any fantasy and sci-fi character without some kind of racial struggle.

Pretend with me!!

It’s okay to dream. It’s okay to be creative without a woke agenda.

It feels like we as black people set limits on our own imaginations because we’re black. We want everyone to feel, and understand our struggle, and pain. Which comes out in our art. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. We just need a better balance. Sometimes, It’s okay to embrace escapism. It’s ok to create unrealistic fictional worlds.

Here in LoOpy land we open our minds to the possibility of more, and embrace our imaginations. We leave all of our worries behind as we dance down the purple brick road that leads to a happy soul, and many fictional stories that have yet to be told.


Thanks to Pickled Pea Cosplay for allowing me to show a great example of what it looks like as a black person embracing your imagination. Photo credit goes out to them as well.

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